From Chaos to Cognition: How Data Fluent Brands are Winning

Our extensive new study of 4,000 UK and US brands investigates the relationship between data, brands and growth. The findings are startling.

Top US and UK Brands are losing £14.9bn each year through a lack of data fluency

Profound change is advancing across government, business, and society. It presents significant challenges for brands, communities, and cultures. Intimately linked to this story of change, is data.

For businesses and brands, a rich new world of opportunity has opened where data is simultaneously part of the problem and the solution. Our study shines new light on the powerful impact data fluency has on a brand’s bottom line – and reveals the cost of inaction.

Our study shows that brands mastering data fluency in this era of change are experiencing significant topline growth. They possess decision makers that consistently derive value from technology and data, and they are connecting to audiences by decoding our complex world and encoding their brands precisely where they will deliver sustainable growth.

Data fluent brands create 4X greater purchase intent than disconnected brands. And 76 percent of UK and US brands are currently not achieving data fluency or sustainable growth.

Recognise where your brand is on its data fluency journey

  • Find out if your brand has data credentials but is struggling with untapped potential or if it is data disconnected and in need of a plan for growth
  • Find out if the growth your brand is experiencing is sustainable or if it is generating cognitive brand skills

Be the entrepreneurial leader your brand needs to deliver sustainable growth.

  • Find out the revenue growth your brand is missing out on through a lack of data fluency
  • Find out whether your brand is creating purchase intent by building strong audience connections.
  • Find out if improving your brand’s data fluency is a training or recruitment issue and possible return on investment in employees
  • Show your CFO the real contribution of your brand to the bottom line
  • Find out if your brand’s current performance will secure future market share growth.