Campaign Live: M&C Saatchi Fluency & Clear creates data-driven tool to identify brand desire

The Engine leverages the power of eight AIs to unpick what drives brand desire

M&C Saatchi Growth and data strategy consultancies, Clear and Fluency, were responsible for building the Brand Desire Engine.

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M&C Saatchi Group’s growth and data strategy consultancies, Clear and Fluency, have harnessed the power of AI to analyse what drives brand desire with the Brand Desire Engine.

Through psycholinguistic analysis and machine learning, the tool uses eight AIs and more than a billion data points to identify why brands grow and how they grow.

It then uses publicly available performance data to evaluate brands’ historic performance and their commercial potential.

The Engine means chief marketing officers can identify the unique drivers of brand desire as they emerge in the behaviour of consumers in real-time. With this knowledge, they can devise informed strategies that will reach the brand’s full potential.

“Brand desire is the most powerful driver we have in building both brand and commercial value,” Rhonda Hiatt, chief strategy officer at Clear M&C Saatchi, explained.

She continued: “We no longer have to rely on gut, guess, or less than ideal survey sample sizes to tell us how to build brand desire.

Significant advances in machine learning and AI are helping us to interpret and leverage this data in ways that simply haven’t been possible until now

Tim Spencer, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Fluency M&C Saatchi

“Instead, we just need to capture the information the whole world is putting out every day and synthesise it into something clear, commercial, and actionable. This is a game-changer that allows us to create adaptive brand strategies that evolve as quickly as desire – and the world around us – shifts.”

Tim Spencer, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Fluency M&C Saatchi, said the tool was an exciting example of how data can be used to identify growth opportunities for brands.

“Every interaction and transaction generates new data that gives us true insight into not only what people think they are doing, but how they are actually behaving,” he said.

“Brands not only exist in our shared consciousness, but are being coded at enormous scale, and significant advances in machine learning and AI are helping us to interpret and leverage this data in ways that simply haven’t been possible until now.

“We’re excited to see what some of the world’s most creative business leaders can do with the Brand Desire Engine.”

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