Brands using advanced analytics
are 8.5x more likely to see
double digit growth.

They're winning. Big.

Fluency in Systems

Fluency’s consulting services bring our clients fluency in systems of data and systems of insight, ensuring the proper deployment of technology stacks and knowhow with data at the centre of decision-making, both big and small. Our data fluency orchestrations lie at the heart of creating Intelligent Brands.

Fluency in Performance

Fluency offer a full suite of measurement, evaluation and effectiveness solutions including Market Mix Modelling and Econometrics, through to cutting-edge ai-powered brand performance evaluation models. Our proprietary Living Brand Intelligence™️ (LBI) technology brings fingertip control to our clients, offering deep & holistic understanding of performance across the funnel – including how to beat the competition. 

Fluency in People

Fluency’s powerful Insights Ecosystem combines world-leading technology with our diverse datasets. We spend only a fraction of our lives ‘being consumers’, so Fluency starts at the human behaviours that shape what and how we consume. Our Forces™️ trends technology pinpoints brand-audience opportunities, while our Proximity Mapping™️ technology sets out what brands must do next to capitalise.

Fluency in Connections

Fluency is focused on driving outcomes for our clients through first, second and third party data, helping to understand where the true in-market and in-target audience value lies for brands. Fluency’s Living Segmentation™️ deploys the latest technology to replace static segmentations of old with dynamic new routes to consumer insight, embracing the fluidity of people to drive at growth.

Are you Data fuelled,
but would like to be
Data fluent?